Leucophyllum frutescens

  • Known as: Texas Ranger, Texas rain sage, Texas silverleaf, Texas barometer bush, Ash-bush, Wild lilac, Purple sage, Texas sage


  • Place of origin: Native to northern Mexico which spread into Southern USA.


  • Description: Evergreen shrub which is not a sage and belongs to the figwort family, Scrophulariaceae. Foliage are silver-gray oval leaves that are soft to the touch. Bears solitary axillary purple flowers which are bell- or funnel-shaped, with five lobes and two lips. Variety of cultivars known.


  • Grow best: Full sun. Does not need rich soil to thrive and prefers dry but well-draining alkaline soil with minimal watering. Propagate from stem cuttings.


  • Use: Popular ornamental used for border plantings or easily shaped into hedges as it  blooms over the entire surface. Good for large containers.