• Place of origin: Dry areas of North and Central America
  • Description: Yuccas belong to the family Agavaceae and an important genus in terms of ornamental landscaping usage. They are perennial, evergreen, shrubs. With over 50 species and most are stemmed plants, but quite a few are not. Typically present with rosettes of evergreen sword-shaped leaves  with large panicles of white or yellow flowers. Most Yuccas flower repeatedly, but a few flower once, and then die. The flowers are generally large and showy, are white or pale yellow. 
  • Grow best: In full sunlight even in drought conditions in well-draining soil. Propagation by seeds.
  • Use: Ornamental for outdoor gardens. Some species are edible. The knife-like leaves are used as a cutting tool and meat hangers, as shampoo and for starting fires by native Americans.