• Known as: Flamingo Flower Orchid
  • Place of origin: Americas, Mexico, Caribbean
  • Description: There are over 1000 neotropical species. Leaves are heart shaped and stand tall on long thin stalks which cluster at the base. Variegated  species have decorative large velvety green leaves with silver-venation. The common floral species bear pink, red or white heart-shaped spadix with tiny yellow flowers clustered in a dense spiral. The flowers have a long vase life of 6 weeks making them a floral bouquet favourite.
  • Grow best: Propagated commonly by tissue culture but the home gardener may just subdivide at the roots for vegetative cuttings.  Planted in sandy loams to heavy clays,  highly organic soil with good water retention and drainage to  prevent root rotting. Place in bright but indirect light, watering only for moistness. Use gloves as may cause skin irritation. Toxic to dogs and cats
  • Use: Indoors and outdoors.