• Scientific name: Dypsis decaryi
  • Place of origin: Dypsis decaryi
  • Description:  The Triangle palm grows to about 10m with long leaves (about 2.5m) growing almost upright from the trunk and arranging themselves in a graceful arch out ward about a metre from their tips. The leaf bases form a triangle, arranged in three  vertical columns at angles of 120 degrees from the main stem.  Yellow and green inflorescences appear throughout the year from the axils of the lower leaves. These palms bear  round and black fruits. 
  • Grow best:  In sandy and well-draining soil without overwatering. Propagation by seeds.
  • Use: Ornamental and showy palm used in outdoor landscaping. Fruits of high nutritional value eaten by children and cattle. Does not transplant well and hence not suitable for commercial field growing.