Champion Palm

  • Known as:  Bottle palm, Champion palm, CP 21”
  • Scientific name:  Hypophorbe lagenicaulis
  • Place of origin: Mauritius.
  • Description:  Bottle palm has a swollen trunk believed in myths to store water. At a time, this palm has merely four to six leaves open, and flowers arise from just under the crown shaft. 
  • Grow best:  In bright sunlight in well-draining soil with feeds of potassium annually. The palm needs a deep and wide hole the size of its root ball, filled with sand or topsoil to increase drainage. Install the palm at the same depth it was growing in the pot. Soil mounds around the stem should be avoided. Water in plenty, only till the roots are developed. These palms can tolerate saline soils. Propagation by seeds.
  • Use:  Ornamental plants in gardens and parks .Even suitable for coastal areas.