• Known as: Blushing Bride


  • Place of origin: Native to the forests, mountains and deserts of Central and South America, the southern United States and the West Indies. Belongs to Tillandsia species which are evergreen, perennial flowering plants in the Bromeliaceae family.


  • Description: The specific epithet ionantha is taken from the Greek adjective, ion, meaning ‘violet’, and the noun, anthos, meaning ‘flower’. Ionantha varieties starts life as a small plant with green and silver-hued leaves.  As it grows and matures, the leaves begin to extend outward, while turning to a deeper shade of green.  Once the Ionantha begins to the bloom cycle, the leaves transition to beautiful red/pink colors. The plant continues into its bloom transformation, until it eventually shoots out a unique and striking blue/purple shoots with yellow or white flowers on the top.   
  • Grow best: It likes bright and sunny  conditions with moderate humidity.  Propagate from pups.


  • Use: The visual appearance makes it a favorite for use in air plant design.  The striking contrast of the deep green/silver leaves with the bright red bloom enhances any space they inhabit. Use as a single air plant display centered in a glass holder or in an elaborate hanging terrarium.