• Place of origin: Native to the forests, mountains and deserts of Central and South America, the southern United States and the West Indies. Belongs to Tillandsia species which are evergreen, perennial flowering plants in the Bromeliaceae family.
  • Description: Its base is a large bulbous mass, producing narrow, oddly twisted and curly leaves, giving this variety an extraterrestrial appearance. The pseudobulbous base is formed by overlapping leaf sheaths. The plant houses ant colonies for a symbiotic relationship. An average adult plant is about 15cm  across and 12 cm high. In bloom, specimens sometimes grow twice that  size.  When the Bulbosa begins to flower, the uppermost leaves become bright red and produce 3 – 4 cm long tubular flowers with bright violet petals, from which stamens protrude.     
  • Grow best: : Likes moderate humid and bright conditions. Can be positioned  horizontally or upside down to help prevent possible rot. After flowering, each plant will produce offsets, called pups around its base. Mature plants will eventually produce many pups to continue the life cycle. If left to grow together, the pups will produce a beautiful cluster.


  • Use: Grows well in a terrarium. Can be suspended from wire art forms, art glass orbs and baskets.